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Hannah's stuffed helper (Octopus Hand sew)

Hello Ladies and Gents . I am sew excited to share with you this awesome new pattern by Rebecca Page and guess what? .. it is totally free ! How cool is that ? It's an hand sewn Octopus ! I was a bit on the fence about this pattern because I have never made a stuffed animal before but after doing it it will most definitely my last . As you can see by the pictures it has now become Hannah 's new favorite toy. As of January this year we decided to #homeschool her and I see how I can use different #handmade items that I craft along with her to encourage learning in more creative ways . As you get your free pattern ( assuming that you will because it's free right lol) it also comes with a coloring page so you and your child can have a seat down and color it exactly how you he/she wants it to look. I used a gray plush fabric and lined the legs with a brown plush . The mouth is made with ab off white embroidery thread and I the cheeks and made of wooden buttons.


I will be making more handmade toys that I am super excited about and eager to share with you all so get ready . This pattern has really challenge me to do and try more creative sews . I will also add the #affliate link down below under RP patterns so you can get your pattern as well. I would love to see yours as well so feel free to tag me .

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