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The Spring Fling Blog Hop

Hello ladies and gents . It is with such excitement that I bring you this new blog post . A fellow sew sis (Sarah Yuhr ) with Sew Much Charm creations reached out to me to be apart of this blog tour with the goal in mind of sharing my favorite spring pattern and hands down I choose the Carolina Crossover dress by Rebecca Page patterns .

I choose this pattern as my favorite for so many reasons but here are just a few . This pattern comes in #midilength as well as #maxilength . It also has three different sleeve options and it's designed for knits. If that doesn't sell you on trying this pattern one thing I loved the most and above all was the crossover . I knew right away I wanted to colorblock this dress once I saw this .

I had been hoarding this floral gray fabric (unforgetable in gray by Sly Fox fabrics )for sometime and felt it would be the perfect combination to pair with a rose pink jersey knit (found on Etsy) that I had . This pattern had two options for the waistband . One is flat and the other was runched . Since I haven't made many dresses with a runched waist I was anxious to see how it would look and when I made it I was pleased with how flattering it was . Because besides who wants to bring attention to the belly right ? lol. We don't add to our waist we want to take away lol. So indeed I was shocked in a good way . *inserts happy dance*

I will like say through all of my years of sewing I find m greatest reward in challenging myself to try something new . So never allow uncertainty to try new things , you might be surprise on how it pays off for you . After I completed this sew I was over the moon when I was asked to be the model for the cover photo on the pattern . * cue the confetti*

Below you can find my #afflink the this pattern if you decide to try your hand in it . Or you may find something else that catches your attention and find a spring favorite of your own . However it works out for you if it brings spring happiness your way it's a win win ! If you do let me know what your favorite is tag my on instagram 👉🏽// Facebook @👉🏽 Modestly Dolled Up and drop a comment and let me know to connect back .

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Thank you so much Sheila for such a beautiful compliment. I inboxed you the information on the floral fabric kit now 🥰🥰


Mar 27, 2020

The Caroline pattern is so flattering. The dress is a show stopper. The color locking makes the dress! It is a definite run way dress ! Thank you for sharing ! Sheila Finnerty


Love the Caroline dress !! Absolutely gorgeous !!!! Love the color blocking !!!

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