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Updated: Jun 13

Hello everyone . As you know by now I was selected to be apart of the " Working out with Rebecca Page blog tour and I choose the new Bralette pattern paired with the sport shorts and leggings pattern that can be purchased by using my #afflink at the end of this blog post for your convenience . Be sure to follow and support all bloggers that are a part of this tour . You would not want to miss out on some of the fabulous prizes that will be given out at the end of the week😍. How cool and awesome is that !! Now that we have that out of the way let's discuss why I choose the bralette pattern . I want to first say the model for this pattern showed me a hidden gem that did not catch my attention before the release of this pattern that has always been a draw back from purchasing workout clothing . I don't know about anyone else but carrying my phone with me is a must for two reasons . Music is a plus to help me focus and also I would feel awful if someone was trying to reach me and couldn't . Well this pattern has a back pocket to solve all of that lol . 👇🏾

So as you can see I was pretty geeked with this hands free fashionable workout top 😜 . Next lets talk comfort and fabric choices . Since this pattern is designed to support those ta tas ladies 😂 it was important for me to make sure that my lining choice was one that was knit but also more of a structured knit than most . So I went with a floral DBP (double brushed poly) for my main fabric and a lime and white striped scuba knit for my lining . The more structured lining gave me all the support I needed . To add to comfort I am a curvy woman so I choose this option with the pleated skirt to not have all my bum out if you know what I mean lol and this top did just that 🎉 .

Lastly and certain not least it was time for me to workout to test not only the support but make sure I didn't have to adjust this fit as I began my workout . To my pleasant surprise after power walking and a nice jog it's actually the most comfortable workout attire to date. I can truly say that this designer created this pattern with you in mind . Comfortable , fashionable and supportive . No floppy ta tas for me and can jog with my phone 😂 . I am winning with my #rpbralette .

I also ran into some ducks (and a few geese lol ) as I had my nice workout . They made the photo shoot also 😂. I made sure that they had their moment in the spotlight also lol. Don't you just love nature 😍. I know I do . So until next time ladies and gents lets keep active on this year . I know I will as I head down a healthier path for my family and I . Drop a comment below and tell me what steps you are taking to get moving . I can always use an extra accountability partner.❤ Find me on Instagram

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All the best on winning some pretty awesome prizes this week . I can't wait to see what you all create . ❤️

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