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Yes to the dress 🥰

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

So I haven’t written a blog in quite sometime and decided while the little one is still sleeping 😴 I would get this done . So as of January the 18th my daughter said I do 🎉🎉🥳 to the man of her dreams and we inherited a beautiful son in law 😍.

What a wonderful way to start our 2020 right! 🥰🥰. So let’s get to this dress y’all . Being that I’m a stay

at home wife and mom now we try to live a simple life and DIY when we can because its truly a gift to save those coins when you see you can I wanted my daughter to a beautiful wedding and do it debt free . We all know that after the wedding debt is something that can really leave a stain on a newly married couple . I truly believe thats without debt it can set a foundation for a healthy marriage. So now that that’s said I wanted to use my talents as much as possible to gift them that experience. I knew I wanted to make her gown but we were not sure if the style she thought she wanted would be a true compliment for her body type so we decided to go to one of our local bridal 👰 shops and try on dresses (as if we were interested in buying right 🤣🤣🤣 ) . So above are the dress she picked out . She narrowed her choices down to three and decided on the mermaid style . Since I’m already a brand ambassador for a lovely pattern company Rebecca Page , I took to the site and found the perfect match . It was the Patsy Party dress fish tale add on 👗. it could not have been more perfect and she fell in love with it more than the ones she previously tried on in the store . The fit was amazing and I was able to add pink rose pedals in the skirt of her dress 🥰🥰🥰. If you would like to explore this pattern yourself I’ll add my #afflink here 🎉 👉🏽 Be sure to search the Patsy Party dress add on option (fishtale option) Mermaid dress for this look . I also added a nice rose gold trimming and layered the dress with a French lace and tulle that I found on Etsy . Check out her pictures and tell me what you think . I also will add a side by side of the tryon dress and my personal creation . Until next time lovely people 🥰 . I will talk with you soon and be sure not to stay away so long this time . 🤣 #peace ✌🏽

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