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Vintage Audrey Hepburn inspired (classic dress)

pattern by Rebecca Page patterns :

Hello my good people! Let me start by saying woeee I’m so happy that you all have stayed with me on these last few month. It’s been a crazy busy time for my family and I with our recent move to Georgia. We have so much to catch up on but we will get to it all in due time , but today let’s talk about this dress 👗 I made in collaboration with @ using a recent release pattern by Rebecca Page patterns .

The Classic dress has thee perfect name but it truly is a pattern that lives up to its name 💚. This is a high neckline bodice that can be sewn using a facing or lined . I absolutely love options like this because I can decide to whip one up quick or line it depending on the look , style and type fabric I’m working with . Since this pattern requires woven fabric I decided to be a little risk 👀🥳 and sew it in a stable knit . So I used a scuba knit in green and I absolutely feel in love .

This pattern was made with the lovely Audrey Hepburn in mind so with any vintage look I wanted to look into how I could really bring this to life the way she so elegantly would so . I begin to think about accessories. When I think of the 50s I always think of pearls so I reached for a set a pearls and brooches from my vintage stash and ooooohhh how perfect 🤩 were they to complement this look .

The Hepburn look 👀 with have you smitten with ideas 💡 to create the Classic look
My vintage love 💚 capture Rp Classic Dress pattern

I wanted to keep my Pearls accessories simple so I went with this cute vintage brooch , pearl necklace , earrings and bracelet pictured. Less is always best when I think of the classic 50s fashion 💚. With my shoes I could think of no other shoes to top this look off other than a nude mary Jane . I choose this shoe because it definitely has a 50s vibe and it went in so perfectly with my dress and the zipper since I inserted a nude invisible zipper . If you love this look let me know in the comments. Be sure to look out for more of me now that life has calmed down . Let me know what’s been going on with you all lately and if you like this look use my #afflink to grab your own 👉🏽 Also be sure to watch my interview with Sewnatural Dane on YouTube.

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